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When you’re in the business of providing training, we understand how important it is to have an eLearning platform that can meet all your needs. Our fully-managed eLearning platform is designed to save you time and money.

We offer a comprehensive eLearning platform with services including LMS implementation, hosting, course uploads, platform management, customization, and support. We handle all technical needs, improvements, and maintenance to allow your organization to focus on training and student success.

User-friendly LMS solution that will allow you to create a centralized, online hub for all of your training content and learning technologies. Students, trainers and staff will have access to all the training material in one place with easy access and efficient management of resources.

Easily track student attendance on your LMS is a simple but effective way to stay organized and ensure that your students are participating and engaging with the learning material. Tracking attendance can help you accurately assess students’ participation, assign grades and identify struggling students

One way to streamline the assessment process for class presentations, practical assessments, and case study activities is to create a checklist module for assessors or observers to use. This module would allow trainers to easily mark off items on the checklist as they observe and assess each student. By bulk marking the checklist items, trainers can save time and efficiently complete the assessment process.

Automated marking and a fast grading system can increase training efficiency. The platform is designed to provide educators with a customizable, integrated system that meets the unique needs of each organization. It offers flexibility and creativity, allowing educators to tailor their approach and deliver effective training to their students.

With an easy-to-use interface and tons of features, it helps you to track the progress of learners, view and manage assessment submissions, provide assessment feedback and generate reports on the move.

Easily integrate with other apps and tools you use within your organisation like Zoom and webinar tools for synchronous and asynchronous training. Streamline your processes by seamlessly connecting LMS with your student management system. Add third-party plagiarism checker or advanced reporting tool to enhance the capabilities of the LMS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online learning tools are essential for training organisations to keep up with the times. Learning management system empowers educators and staff members to fully engage with their students’ education. With a wide range of features it will allow your training organization to offer courses into new markets easily while providing comprehensive services at competitive prices. The versatile and affordable platform is the perfect choice for education businesses looking to grow!

We have been working with RTO’s and training organisations for over a decade, helping them thrive in the modern day vocational education framework. Partnering with us, we can help you gain insight into areas that are important to your organisation so it can go from good-to great!

Setup is easy and fast with our proven methods. You can have your LMS in less than a month. We have done this many times before and our experience will help you achieve your objectives faster than ever before.

We are more affordable than you think. In order to get the best pricing, you should speak with our experts. We have a team of professionals who can work on your project and provide estimates immediately so there are no surprises!

Make learning a breeze

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We take care of all your back-end needs so you can focus on what’s most important – providing quality education, engaging students and achieving success!

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